The greener our gear,
the greener our nature

Which is why it is important to make more sustainable gear choices.

Guide to Green Gear

Trying to find the right piece of gear can sometimes be quite overwhelming, especially if you add sustainability into the mix. Here are some tips to help you find Green Gear.

Rank a Brand

When you’re looking to buy a piece of gear from a specific brand, Rank a Brand is a good place to start. They provide a overview of the current state of the sustainability efforts of some well-known outdoor brands. The Rank a Brand ranking is based on how brands perform in three categories;
Carbon Emissions, Environmental Policy, and Labour Conditions.

Rank a Brand believes in company transparency, this is why all rankings are only based on publicly available data.

Find out how your brand is ranked!

Greener Certifications

It can also help to look at the certifications a brand has. Keep in mind that having certain certifications does not give a guarantee about the overall sustainability of a particular brand, but they do give a good indication of a brands’ intentions.

These are some of the sustainability certifications you can pay attention to when buying new gear.

For more information about the Bluesign certification have a look at our post Bluesign – A Good Sign

Bluesign eliminates chemical substances even before they enter the manufacturing process

The Responsible Down Standard ensures that down and feathers are from animals that have been treated well

The Responsible Wool Standard ensures the welfare of sheep and pasture


Looking into Brands

This sounds like a lot of work, but it does not have to be. Companies often mention their sustainability efforts on the about page of their website or even dedicate a specific section to it.

Be aware that companies may sometimes appear greener than they actually are by sharing a sustainability story without providing data to support it.

In order to help you when looking into a brand, we have published a post called Green Gear or Green Washing, which compares The North Face story to its bad E-label performance on Rank a Brand.

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